Custom Assemblies using MAX-20 / 40 Series

Built to customer specific designs for board level surge protection device schemes.

Custom Assemblies are available using MAX20 Series 20KW Diodes stacked and configured to achieve customer unique voltage, power, or packaging requirements.



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MDE Semiconductor, Inc. is a quality-oriented device manufacturer with a Single Minded Focus on Circuit Protection Products.  We carry a variety of transient voltage suppressor diodes and products related to circuit production from ESD, lightning and inductive switching and NEMP.   All of our silicon devices are constructed with our famous low leakage glass passivation process with high-energy absorption capability from 400 watts up to 288,000 watts.

Our dedication to innovation ensures that we provide high quality, low-cost products delivered on time. With our focus on TVS (transient voltage suppressor diode) products, we have extensive knowledge of requirements covering a wide range of markets including telecom, automotive, computer, and industrial electronics. MDE Semiconductor, Inc. is a market leader in Circuit Protection Products and offers customers a broad range of Standard Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode options and High Current TVS Diodes, Thyristors, and Varistors.

Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015 Compliant.

Competitiveness is achieved through process innovation and investment in the latest automated test and assembly solutions. This approach has enhanced our ability to produce high quality Circuit Protection Products, on time, at competitive prices.