Power TVS MAX -20 / 40 / SMDMAX-40 / SMDMAX 6kA / SMDMAX10kA / SMDMAX15ka / MAX 15kA Series / MAX 20kA Series

MDE Power TVS MAX-20 / 40 & SMD TVS Diodes (SMDMAX-40 / SMDMAX 6kA / SMDMAX10kA ) & MAX 15kA Series high current bidirectional Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) diodes with up to 400,000 watts of power are designed for RTCA /DO-160 rating for Airborne Equipment Application. These devices offer bidirectional protection from 5.0 volts to 150 volts, and are RoHS compliant and UL Recognized. They also meet MIL-STD 1275 requirements. The use of silicon technology in the Power MAX-20 / 40 / SMDMAX-40 / SMDMAX 6kA / SMDMAX10kA / MAX 15kA Series offer lower clamping voltage under surge compared to competing MOV technology. The devices are provided in through-hole, CELL, and SMD packages and meet industry standard requirements such as RoHS and Pb Free solder reflow profiles.

Device Series Part NumberPhotoPackage TypePppm (W)VRWMRange (V)V (BR)Range (V)
MAX-15kA CELLCELL15000kA15000kA36.7-95.0
MAX-15kA Radial LeadRadial Lead15000kA33.0-19036.7-200.00
MAX-20 CELLCELL200005.0-22.06.4-26.9
MAX-20 Radial LeadRadial Lead200005.0-22.06.4-26.9
MAX-20 S-Lead CellS Lead Cell200005.0-22.06.4-26.9
MAX-20 Tab Lead CellTAB CELL200005.0-22.06.4-26.9
MAX-20kA CELLCELL20000kA16.0-66.017.5-80.0
MAX-20kA Radial LeadRadial Lead20000kA16.0-136.017.5-157.5
MAX-40 CELLCELL4000012.0-150.014.0-176.0
MAX-40 Radial LeadRadial Lead4000012.0-150.014.0-176.0
MAX-40 S-Lead CellS Lead Cell4000012.0-40.014.0-46.8
MAX-40 Tab Lead CellTab Lead Cell4000012.0-40.014.0-46.8

Certified RoHS Compliant
UL File # E322403