Metal Oxide Varistors MOV Series

MDE High Energy Metal Oxide Varistors “D” & “S” Series The High Energy Series large tab-leaded varistors are designed to handle high peak currents and have the ability to absorb large amounts of energy. Available in round (D) and square (S) shapes to allow mounting in various spaces and in bare disc form intended for special applications requiring unique electrical contact or packaging methods provided by the customer. The electrode finish of these devices is solderable and can be used with pressure contacts. Bare Disc Products are also available for certain applications where discs of the same diameter may be stacked.

This Series is available in 40D (40mm), and 53D (53mm) single disc configuration. with the single square available in 34S (34mm) configurations. The maximum peak current capabilities range from 18,000 Amps to 70,000 Amps. Varistor voltages range from 130 volts to 1,400 volts.

Device Series Part NumberPhotoPackage TypeImaxVRWS Range(V)Varistor Voltage Range(V)
B60K130 – B60K1000BLOCK70kA130 -1000200 -1600
B80K130 – B80K2800BLOCK100kA130 – 2800200 – 4700
LS40K130QP – LA40K750QPRadial Crimped40kA130 -750200 -1200
MDE-25D201K -MDE-25D182KRadial Lead10kA11 – 110018 - 1800
MDE-25D201K - MDE-25D182KRadial Lead20kA130 -1000200 -1800
MDE-25D201KBD-MDE-25D182KBDBare Disc20kA130 -1000200 -1800
MDE-34S201K -MDE-34S182KRadial Lead40kA130 -1000200 -1800
MDE-34S201K-75 - MDE-34S182K-75Radial Lead75kA150-320240-510
MDE-34S201KBD-50 - MDE-34S182KBD-50Bare Disc50kA130 -1000200 -1800
MDE-34S201KBD-MDE-34S182KBDBare Disc40kA130 -1000200 -1800
MDE-40D201K - MDE-40D222KRadial Lead40kA130 -1000200 – 1800
MDE-40D201KBD -MDE-40D122BDKBare Disc40kA130 -1000200 -1800
MDE-40D201KBD -MDE-40D122BDKBare Disc50kA130 -1000200 -1800
MDE-53D201K – MDE-53D222KRadial Lead70kA130 -1400200 -2200
MDE-70D162K Radial Lead100kA1000-13201440-1760
MDE-70D182K Radial Lead100kA1100-14851620-1980
MDE-80D201K – MDE-80D472KRadial Lead100kA130 – 2800200 – 4700
V131BA60 -V282BB60BLOCK70kA130 – 2800200 – 4700
V131HA40 -V751HA40Radial Crimped40kA130 -750200 -1200

Certified RoHS Compliant
UL File # E322403
UL File # E337840


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