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There are always new Devices and Systems being developed.  Any systems for military use must be designed to continue its intended purpose under the most difficult and adverse conditions.

MDE Semiconductor is aware of many of these needs and can provide solutions to protect the systems to keep them going when conditions are less than optimal.

MDE has many series of TVS semiconductors that can provide the protection needed to keep the systems running when everything else fails.


Examples are:

Power supply protection TVS that can protect the input and output

Ground based devices

Aircraft and other mobile systems

Data and control points with TVS that will keep transients and unwanted signals under control.

Aircraft and Avionics Protection

UAV Systems Protection

Filter Protection Input and Output

Laboratory Equipment Protection

Radar Component and System Protection

Space System and Component Protection

All Systems Power Supply Protection

MDE can provide guidance and support for new designs and is able to support and provide guidance for existing issues that become evident.