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Pulse                         A brief excursion of a quantity from normal.

Risetime                    The time interval of the leading edge between the instants at which the instantaneous value first reaches the specified lower and upper limits of 10% and 90% of the wave.  Limits other than 10% and 90% may be specified in special cases.

Spike                         A distortion in the form of a pulse waveform of relatively short duration superimposed on an otherwise regular or desired pulse waveform.

Surge                         A transient wave of current, voltage, or power in an electric circuit.

Surge Arrester         A protective device for limiting surge voltages on equipment by diverting surge (AC Power Circuits)   current and returning the device to its original status. It is capable of repeating these functions as specified

Surge Protector       A protective device, consisting of one or more surge arrestors, a mounting assembly, optional fuses and short circuiting devices etc. which Is used far limiting surge voltage of low-voltage (1000V root-mean-square of 1200V direct current) electrical or electronic equipment or circuits.

Surge Suppressor   A Device operative in conformance with the rate of change of current, voltage, power, etc., to prevent the rise of such quantity above a predetermined value.

Transient                   That part of the change in a variable that disappears during transition from one steady-state operating condition to another, such as a voltage or current.

Transient                            Capacitors, resistors, or Inductors so placed as to control the discharge of suppression  stored energy banks. They are commonly used to suppress transients Network caused by switching.

Wave                          A variation of current, voltage, or power at any point in the electrical circuit

Waveform                 A manifestation or representation (i.e., graph, plot, oscilloscope presentation. equations(s), table of Coordinate or Statistical data, etc.) or A visualization or a wave, pulse, or transition,

Wavefront                 That part which occurs prior to the crest value.

Waveshape               The graph of the wave as a function of time.





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